Nik, I received my SAT scores today and these are my results. Below I have also included my results from my first SAT. I improved my math and reading by 110 points and my overall score by 180 points. I want to thank you for working with me and helping me improve my scores. Thank You, Robert Versprille
Hi Nik, Her score went above 2100 which was a big goal. We might be in touch about more math (speed was still an issue as she ran out of time for three problems) depending on her results from the subject tests. Just wanted to say thank you for catering so specifically to her needs and for the exceptional service you provided to help her throughout the process. Sincerely Yours, Rita Woods
Hi Nik! Just checking in after the SAT. I feel pretty solid on it overall, though I choked up a bit on the last critical reading. Thank you so much for all your help! I felt allot more confident on my math section then I had previously. Also, my dad will send the remaining balance this week. Thanks again! Lindsay
Both of my girls were accepted to VCU, their #1 choice. Thanks again!!!!!
Of course! Thanks for all you've provided for Laura these last several weeks. We are thankful for such a program and think she's learned a great deal—about taking the SAT, problem-solving—and how to push herself when she needs to. :) Blessings on your day.
I've earned a qualifying score on the SAT for the ROTC scholarship program. Your program helped me feel comfortable with the structure. Thank you, Mr. Georgiev and Mr. Garner! ^_^
Nik, I wanted to thank you for all your help. Sarah got 1210 from the October SAT! We found another tutor during September but did not worked out as well as you and Sarah says all the improvement she did due to your help. Sarah is my last one in high school but I will definitely be referring you anybody who needs help and also I will provide feedback to Norfolk Collegiate counselor so he can recommend Trudeau to NCS students. Thank you so much! Figen
Dear Mr. Georgiev, Thank you for the extra classes and for all the effort put into this. These tests are so important for the students, and I know that my son has found your class helpful in improving his understanding and confidence. He is taking the PSAT now, but he may take some brush-up courses this spring before his first round of the SAT.
My name is Lenora Springer, I am the mother of Anthony Waldner. He attended your 6 week SAT prep course at Nansemond Suffolk Academy the Spring of 2011. His ACT score improved drastically from an 18 in February 2011 to a 24 in October of 2011. The increase in his score is a positive response from your class.

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Chris Trudeau SAT/ACT Prep provides tutoring and classes for SAT, ACT, and PSAT exams in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Suffolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, and Newport News.