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Comprehensive Course for SAT_____________________________________ ___Price: Click Here !!!


This is our complete package for a student preparing for SAT/ACT/PSAT. All topics are covered including the essay.

The goal of the course is to establish concept understanding along with adequate amount of practice with tips and

 easy problem-solving techniques. All teachers are highly qualified tutors with teaching credentials.


 Class Highlights:


bullet01 Time duration of the course: 5-7 Weeks

All classes are usually held during the weekend.


bullet01 8 Regular Sessions (3 hours each)

Each session is of duration 3 hours. Sessions are divided into delivering concepts i.e. lectures along with quiz,

reviews and recaps. The course is designed to decrease test anxiety and familiarize students with test directions,

types of questions, and test-taking strategies. We review math and verbal concepts to ensure success in these

SAT subject areas.


bullet01 2 Full Proctored Exams

During the course our students take two full-length proctored exams under official testing conditions.


bullet01 Daily Homework and Quizzes

The course curriculum and lectures are designed by experts with a lot of care so that each concept is given

appropriate time and emphasis. Each student will be given two online quizzes to complete every week on top of

the homework assignments.


bullet01 Small Class Size (up to 12 students)


bullet01 Extra Catch-up Sessions During the week

We offer extra drop-in sessions during the week for students who have missed the regular weekend classes.

Basically, you let us know ahead of time that you will miss class. Then, we figure out a day/time that is good for

the student during the week. We try to be a s flexible as possible with our students.

Everybody is expected to attend the drop-in sessions. Extra practice is always good.


 bullet01 In-Class Homework Review


bullet01 In-depth content review to boost proficiency for all test sections


bullet01 Adaptive curriculum tailored to individual scoring levels


bullet01 Promote collaborative study atmosphere aligned with individualized study programs


bullet01 Review the psychology aspect behind the exam