School counselors aim to help students thrive academically, personally and socially, and assist them in exploring their options during and after high school. We have received the highest recommendations by Directors of College Counseling across Hampton Roads. Please feel free to reach out to Mr. Ben Rous at Hampton Roads Academy, Mrs. Mary Hunter Hardison at Nansemond-Suffolk Academy, and Mrs. Jennifer Scott at Norfolk Academy. We have administered their SAT/ACT prep for the last 8 years.   




My daughter, L. Sampson, took your SAT Prep class las month in preparation for the December SAT; she increased her score 100 points from the July exam and she increased her ACT exam 1 point; 100 points was impressive and we appreciated the help!          



Dear Nik,

     I want to thank you and the other instructor for all your help. Fred scored a 1210 on his last SAT exam. I think it helped that he had a 4.1 GPA. Fred was accepted into his #1 pic school in the college of engineering. He will be attending Virginia Tech to study Mechanical Engineering. Thanks again for everything. I know you guys played a big part in my son success.

Kindest Regards,

R. Kalule!   




James thought your class prepared him very well and despite some grumbling about giving up some of his summer vacation was very glad he took your course . . . Will let you know how he did . . .




Thx again . . .





JB - 20 AUG 2019


Good morning, Nik –

Just wanted to thank you and the Trudeau team for helping my son John Leo.  He improved his score by 410 points from his last PSAT to this SAT on Oct. 7!

 We are so pleased! 

Best regards,



Karen Luecke - 25 Oct 2017




210 point jump?  790 Math?  


Whatever you're doing, you're doing it right. Money very well spent. 


Steve Zahn. 


Steven Zahn - 20 Oct 2017(Norfolk Academy parent)






Alex will share with you his good news…


We are very proud of him and thank you for your efforts. The SAT prep worked for him.    



Mr. O'Connor. - 18 May 2016




Also I wanted to report that we are very, very HAPPY with Noah's results--he improved 240 points overall and received a PERFECT score on his math portion (improving 140 points!) .    



Mrs. Corliss. - 12 Dec 2015




I wanted to thank you so much!!! thank you for all your help. Rylie increased her score dramartically! Your course was worth every single penny.                                                           

Gena Greene- 24 NOV 2015   



 Dear Christ Trudeau SAT Prep,

I just wanted to thank you for the class and all of the help you gave my daughter. She attended the class at HRA leading up to the March exam. She looked at her scores yesterday and ended up with a 2000 total! This was a huge improvement over the first time she took it. She tends to have some test anxiety and I was hoping that the repeated exposure to the material in class and in practice would make her more familiar and comfortable.  I'm proud of her for her hard work and I'm grateful that you offered the classes at HRA. I will wholeheartedly recommend your program to everyone. 


Heidi Underwood, mom of Brianna Underwood  - 28 Mar 2014 



I wanted to thank you for running a very professional course.  Marilu is the youngest of my three and her older siblings both took the SAT prep course offered by Princeton Review.  From my perspective your course was much better organized to include personnal touches such as the homework, test reviews, and emails such as the one below.                                                                                                                                                                              

Pete.D. - 24 Jan 2014    



My daughter is very optimistic about the outcome of the sessions she will have. She felt you helped her with her math, but also in counseling her on test-taking strategies. Thank you for taking her as your student. 

Tori Bloxom - 30 Jun 2013



I received my SAT scores today and these are my results. Below I have also included my results from my first SAT. I improved my math and reading by 110 points and my overall score by 180 points. I want to thank you for working with me and helping me improve my scores.

Thank You!  

Robert Versprille - 20 Jun 2013


Hi Nik, 

Her score went above 2100 which was a big goal. We might be in touch about more math (speed was still an issue as she ran out of time for three problems) depending on her results from the subject tests. Just wanted to say thank you for catering so specifically to her needs and for the exceptional service you provided to help her throughout the process.

Sincerely Yours, Rita Woods  

Rita Woods - 9 Jun 2013


Hi Nik! 

Just checking in after the SAT. I feel pretty solid on it overall, though I choked up a bit on the last critical reading. Thank you so much for all your help! I felt allot more confident on my math section then I had previously. Also, my dad will send the remaining balance this week. Thanks!

Lindsay Wentzel - 5 May 2013


 Just wanted to share with you the good news with my girls SAT scores. They both went up quite a bit after taking your course. Here are the results: Perry – June 2012 results: Reading-600, Math 730, Writing 680. February 2013 results: Reading-660, Math 750, Writing 660. Excluding the writing, her score increased by 80 points! Ann-Meg – June 2012 results: Reading-430, Math-530, Writing 490. February 2013 results: Reading-490, Math-600, Writing-610. Excluding writing, her score inc ...

Kay F. Keatley - 6 Mar 2013


Both of my girls were accepted to VCU, their #1 choice. Thanks again!!!!!

Iris Nance - 5 Mar 2013


 I've earned a qualifying score on the SAT for the ROTC scholarship program. Your program helped me feel comfortable with the structure. Thank you, Mr. Georgiev and Mr. Garner! ^_^ 

Kim T. Ho - 26 Oct 2012


Nik, I wanted to thank you for all your help. Sarah got 1210 from the October SAT! We found another tutor during September but did not worked out as well as you and Sarah says all the improvement she did due to your help. Sarah is my last one in high school but I will definitely be referring you anybody who needs help and also I will provide feedback to Norfolk Collegiate counselor so he can recommend Trudeau to NCS students. Thank you so much! Figen

Figen Baysal - 26 Oct 2012

Dear Mr. Georgiev, Thank you for the extra classes and for all the effort put into this. These tests are so important for the students, and I know that my son has found your class helpful in improving his understanding and confidence. He is taking the PSAT now, but he may take some brush-up courses this spring before his first round of the SAT.

Esther Diskin - 25 Sep 2012


Hi! You're awesome for getting back to me so fast. Thanks for all that you do. Have a great rest of the week-end. Sincerely, Mary Schofield

Mary Schofield - 23 Sep 2012


My name is Lenora Springer, I am the mother of Anthony Waldner. He attended your 6 week SAT prep course at Nansemond Suffolk Academy the Spring of 2011. His ACT score improved drastically from an 18 in February 2011 to a 24 in October of 2011. The increase in his score is a positive response from your class.

Anthony Waldner (Nansemond Suffolk Academy) - 30 Apr 2012


I also want to say thank you so much for all of you help and guidance towards taking the SAT.Thanks so much and have a great day!

Nese Mitchell (Norfolk Academy) - 30 Apr 2012


Thanks so much!My daughter feels more confident so hopefully that will help translate to higher score.Thanks for your help and motivation!

Ashlyn Brandt - 19 Jan 2012


Hello, This is Brandon Horton. I took your prep course for the last SAT and, first of all, I'd like to thank you for all you help. I got a 1920 (whereas my last score was a 1760)! You're course really did help and I greatly appreciate it.

Brandon Horton - 31 Oct 2011


Hehe. I’ve had some happy dances tripping into my office this a.m.! I will find your reports very interesting, and look forward to receiving them. Thanks!

Karen C. Ridenour, Guidance Counselor, Denbigh Baptist Christian School - 21 Oct 2011

Thanks Nik. I too have been hearing positive things from students and parents.

Don Birmingham-Guidance Director-Nansemond Suffolk Academy - 21 Oct 2011

Hi Nick, Thanks for everything including your patience on Friday. Calvin said he was very rusty and worked the problems slowly. He did say he understood them, the few that were completed due to his delayed responses...smile.

Calvin and Steph Mackey - 4 Oct 2011

Hello Nik, I wanted to thank you for giving your time and sharing your knowledge with Zoe. With only the two meetings, Zoe has shared that she has a better perspective on the SAT and she is very appreciative of your guidance

Mara Sivak - 28 Sep 2011

Again, thank you. You all have been a pleasure to work with over the years. I teach 11th graders at a school in Portsmouth. I'll put a plug in for you guys.

Bev Snyder - 28 Sep 2011

Thanks so much. Don said Kelsey was able to attend free through NSA. This was a great class! We really appreciate all your help and will spread the word!!!

Gerald and Lori White - 27 Sep 2011

I also wanted to thank you, Celine says class has been so helpful, she's pretty confident she'll increase her SAT score. Thank you!!!

Figen Baysal - 21 Sep 2011

Victoria is the 3rd child of mine to go through your course. My other children who have benefited from this program are Hillary and Samuel. Hillary is now a nurse at CHKD (your course helped her to get a scholarship at Messiah College in PA) Sam is at ODU pursuing engineering.

Beverly Snyder - 12 Sep 2011

Hello! I just wanted to thank you so much for all the help I got in your SAT prep class. I recieved a score on my last SAT that was about 200 points higher than the first practice SAT I took!! I really cannot thank you enough. I am going to take it again in the fall to see if I can raise it any higher. Thank you again!

Hannah Neukrug - 27 Jun 2011

Hello Gentlemen, My son, David, took your prep class twice. He did very well. His second score was 1280 (700 Math, 580 Reading). We were very pleased. Thanks, Marsha Simmon

Marsha Simmon - 4 May 2011

Hi Nik--- I don't know if you remember Allie Maas but you tutored her for her SAT Prep. She is now in pre-calculus and struggling. I was wondering if you tutor in this subject. Allie really enjoyed learning from you and felt you might be able to help her. Thanks for your consideration. ps...Allie got into Virginia Tech with your help in raising her SAT!

Student: Allie Maas Parent:Allie Maas - 11 Apr 2011

Nik, I just wanted to say thanks to you and Nate for helping me prepare for the SAT. I got my scores and I qualified for the program I want. 550 critical reading and 520 math.

Frank Kalna---Kalna, Frank A YN3 USFF - 8 Mar 2011

Nik- This sounds good and sounds like a great way for her to wrap up her time with you and Nathan. You and Nathan have given her great resources and tools to use; she says she feels much more prepared. Thank you, thank you for being flexible with her !!! I know that was a challenge! We appreciate all of your help!

Demmi and Carolyn Hersh-Norfolk Collegiate - 11 Apr 2011

I personally saw Nik working with a number of students and thought his teaching style was excellent. He raised my son's score almost 500 points and I would definitely recommend his class over any other test preparation program I have ever seen.

Patrick Dunn- Norfolk, VA - 7 Oct 2008

As a high school guidance counselor, I know first hand how important doing well on the SAT is and how incredibly dry test strategies can be. Chris has a reputation among the students for being able to make the content interesting and fun. My own 17 year old son took his course and loved it. I couldn't recommend his class more highly.

Anne Christie-College Counselor, Maury High School, Norfolk, VA. - 15 Aug 2007

Nikola helped me understand concepts that I had trouble grasping before, and provided me with tips in order to achieve greater testing success. With his attention and guidance, I improved my scores and was accepted into my first choice college.

Lauren Goldberg-Norfolk Collegiate - 3 Apr 2011

Just wanted to let you know the results of Brian's SAT scores: Critical reading 620 Math 660 writing 630 MC 59 essay 10 Thanks for all of your help! What a great improvement. ~Parents of Brian Kraft

Terry and Mary Kraft - 8 Apr 2011

Read more

"highly recommended class"  

·         jim6

·         Chesapeake, VA

We are delighted with the way Chris Trudeau SAT course booste our daughter's confidence and prepared her so well for the structure of SAT. She is very pleased with her test results! 
Jim and Sherry Phillips 
Norfolk, VA


"More than I expected"  

·         Laura Davis from VA Beach

·         Virginia Beach, VA

I certainly credit your prep work in helping my daughter in significantly raising her SAT score. She really benefited from the course. Thanks for all your help.


"such a great teacher"  

·         Jane K

·         Virginia Beach, VA

I wanted to thank you for all of the hard work you put into our classes because it obviously helped me to jump over the 1300 barrier.


"Helpful class"  

·         Patrick Kelson

·         Norfolk, VA

Thank you for your attention to my daughter during the recent SAT course in Norfolk. I felt like she was being challenged to think, a valuable skill in any setting. I will take it upon myself to recommend your course to friends and colleagues as well as to use you again for my son.



"effective, efficient and challenging"  

·         Alex Goldmen

·         Norfolk, VA

The combination of small class size, personal attention to each student, detailed content and teaching students to focus on details, along with an emphasis on practice, create a motivational environment. The course is all it promises to be.


"The best SAT course in Virginia beach"  

·         Dani Preston

·         Virginia Beach, VA

My son did not do any preparation other than attending this course and he achieved the score which were more than I thought he would.


"the great help"  

·         Savannah Mora

·         Virginia Beach, VA

Thanks for all the great help! I felt like you really cared about us doing well. My critical reading section score alone went from a 550 to a 740!!!


"an excellent SAT prep course"  

·         Darell G

·         Virginia Beach, VA

Thank you for your excellent SAT prep course. My son’s performance improved substantially in all three areas. He now has the scores he needs to apply with confidence to universities with the highest standards.


"The best SAT course in the area!"  

·         Ann Kk

·         Virginia Beach, VA

I consider the money for your prep course well spent!


"extremely helpful courses"  

·         Sherri K

·         Virginia Beach, VA

We found the Chris Trudeau SAT/ACT Prep course to be extremely helpful to our child. All of our children have taken test prep courses of various kinds and yours was the most helpful.


"It's simply the best SAT Prep Class!"  

·         Graham T

·         Virginia Beach, VA

Chris Trudeau SAT Prep Class is awesome! You raised my score over 300 points. I will recommend it to my classmates, if that’s ok. Thanks again!


"the small class size is perfect!"  

·         Andrew F

·         Virginia Beach, VA

Thank you for giving my son a relatively painless and effective preparation for the May 7 SAT's. Your approach and the small class size seems to be the right combination for these able students.


"very helpful!"  

·         Kathy Gr

·         Virginia Beach, VA

Thanks for your sincere interest in your students! Our son’s scores will definitely get him into the schools he’s considering. Chris Trudeau SAT Prep Class was VERY helpful.


"Chris Trudeau SAT Prep is an outstanding class"  

·         Kim D

·         Virginia Beach, VA

We think Chris Trudeau SAT/ACT Prep Class is an outstanding program and made a substantial difference in our son’s scores, especially in the writing section. Thanks!


"great results!!!!!!!!!!"  

·         Ram Deyn

·         Virginia Beach, VA

Chris Trudeau SAT/ACT Prep class is a great course. The teachers are all very intelligent and know how to make class fun and interesting at the same time. The course builds confidence in students and prepares them for great results.


"I raised my score!!!!"  

·         Emmily Smith

·         Virginia Beach, VA

Chris Trudeau SAT prep course was the key to my performance on the SAT. I raised my score. My instructor really understood the test and gave his students the tools we needed to beat it. In class we went through each question type in depth so we could understand how it worked. It was much more than just time management and guessing strategy; we really focused on how to answer each question with confidence. I have recommended Chris Trudeau SAT prep to everyone who has asked me how to replicate my SAT score, and will continue to do so.


"Chris Trudeau SAT prep was amazing!"  

·         Felisha Larel

·         Chesapeake, VA

Chris Trudeau SAT prep was amazing. They gave me all the tools that I needed to succeed. The way they broke up all the different types of questions was very effective and was an integral part of my improvement. I couldn’t be happier with my score and was amazed at the amount I improved. If you put in the time, it is impossible NOT to improve your score significantly through the Chris Trudeau SAT prep course. Thanks again for everything. You guys are awesome!



·         Taylor H

·         Virginia Beach, VA

I started preparing for my SATs as a rising junior because my schedule was so busy during the school year. I wanted to prepare for the test during the summer to get a head start for the December test. I had discussed with my tutors my test goals and what I needed to reach a combined score of 1900. Not only did the tutors spend countless hours in helping reach my goals but I actually surpassed my target score and scored a combined 2060.




Also I wanted to report that we are very, very HAPPY with Noah's results--he improved 240 points overall and received a PERFECT score on his math portion (improving 140 points!) .    



Mrs. Corliss. - 12 Dec 2015



I wanted to thank you for running a very professional course.  Marilu is the youngest of my three and her older siblings both took the SAT prep course offered by Princeton Review.  From my perspective your course was much better organized to include personnal touches such as the homework, test reviews, and emails such as the one below.                                                                                                                                                                              

Pete.D. - 24 Jan 2014